For Windows Download Auto Mail Sender™ File Edition v2.0, 1.74 MB Download
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Start - The first tab page you will see after AMSFE started.
Email Folders - Manages all your email
folders. AMSFE will read emails from the
supported files under these folders to make automatic emailing.
Email Folders
Interfaces & Samples - In order to timely provide you with the latest interface definitions and samples, we put them on the web, please write your email files according to them.
Interfaces & Samples
Macros - Manages all your macros, you can use macro to make the more universal email file to reduce your workload.
SMTP Accounts - Manages your SMTP accounts, to send your emails, you must create a SMTP account at least.
SMTP Accounts
Proxy Servers - Manages your proxy servers, if your computer can not connect to the SMTP server directly in your LAN, you can use the bold proxy server to connect to the SMTP server.
Proxy Servers
Preferences & Tools - Sets your preferences for using AMSFE, writing email content and sending emails, this tab page also contains several tools (links).
Preferences & Tools
Queue and Log Manager - Lets you know about which email files will be sent and the successful/failed sendings.
Queue and Log Manager
Rich Text (HTML) Email Content Editor - Use this WYSIWYG HTML editor to write/design your email content, once finished, click <Get Source> to copy HTML source code or <Save> it as a HTML file, and then use the source code or file name at the proper location of your email file.
Rich Text (HTML) Email Content Editor
SMTP Account Editor - Adds or edits a SMTP account.
SMTP Account Editor
Proxy Server Editor - Adds or edits a proxy server.
Proxy Server Editor
Macro Editor - Adds or edits a macro.
Macro Editor
View/Upgrade License - Views your current license type, license offer and [Licensed to] information, you can also input license key to upgrade to the higher license on this interface.
View/Upgrade License
About Auto Mail Sender™ File Edition - Displays program information, version number, copyright and license information.
About Auto Mail Sender™ File Edition
Splash - The splash interface, displays program name, introduction, copyright, website and other information.

For Windows Download Auto Mail Sender™ File Edition v2.0, 1.74 MB Download