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Release/Update Date
Features / Improvements Bug Fixes
Mar 22, 2022
  • Important: supports the embedded images with "file:///..." format that generated by a few operating systems. Now, any embedded image will be shown in the receiver's email client / webmail.
  • Now called "Hotmail account" as "Microsoft account", because all Microsoft accounts (such as, and can work under the same SMTP settings.
  • Removed the self-recommendation words from the end of eMail for Free license.
  • Important: the old default SMTP settings of hotmail no longer work, this version updated them to the new and worked settings. The changes are server address and port.
Nov 30, 2012
  • Important feature: the WYSIWYG HTML email editor can work with IE9+ system.
  • Redesigned licenses, their offers and prices.
  • Provides you with the installer.
  • Reduced the size of the downloadable file.
  • Provides the process wrapper (automatically) to avoid it exits abnormally.
  • Documentation optimization.
Oct 25, 2011
  • New release.

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