Email Checker Basic: check and verify whether the email address is valid (format or syntax) and really existing on the corresponding email server without sending in SINGLE mode. Usually, it is used to maintain a clean emailing list.

It's very easy to use: just input/paste the email address and press <Enter>, the result will show soon. The result contains status (OK/BAD), Description and Interaction between Email Checker Basic and email server.
Email Checker Basic is 100% Freeware, if you think it is good, it's welcome for you to support it by Making Donation, Writing Article or Comment, Recommending to Friend and Linking to Your website.

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This Verify Email Address Software is Compatible with Windows 7 100% Clean SoftLay 5-Star Review
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Apr 26, 2014
  • New release.

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I'm using Email Checker Basic, it can check and verify whether the email address is valid (format or syntax) and really existing on the corresponding email server without sending. Usually, I use it to maintain a clean emailing list.

You should have a test!

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By Gimpguy @ Oct 23, 2021
Simple, nice, works. 5 starts.
Doesn't get any easier to test an email, enter it, test it. It will let you know if the email is legit or working or not. Simple, nice, works. 5 starts.

By @ Aug 12, 2019
Email Checker Basic verifies if an email address is real
Don't you just hate it when you're out at a party and you manage to finally obtain the email address of your total soul mate, only to get home and find that it's a dud? Maybe you wrote it down wrong? Or...oh noes, did you get given a deliberate fake? Well now you can shortcut the anxiety on the spot, with a new free tool. Email Checker Basic instantly verifies whether an email address is real or not, without sending an email message. Not only does it check the email domain, but will also verify that there's a real address on the other end waiting to accept messages. Just enter in the email address, and hit the Check Now button. Of course, those of you with keen intellects will realize that you need a nearby PC or portable to make an instant verification at a party, but what the heck, the path of true love is constantly paved with complications, right?

By @ Nov 22, 2017
Validate an email address
Email Checker Basic is a simple app to check if a given email address is valid. Simply enter the email address, click the "Check now" button and the program will contact the mail server and validate the address without sending any email. Advanced users can also review a detailed log of the SMTP response.

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